So now we know why M is in Zeitgeist, and where he got the giant bag of money shown in this strip. I’m sure you’re pleased as punch and those questions were creating a burning whole within your mind. Anyway, keep reading both comics to find out what happens next!

Also, in relation to today’s comic, you may see a bunch of names that you recognize. Here’s a quick guide because I can’t resist:

  • The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Stark is a reference to Tony Stark, while Wayne is Bruce Wayne. Both have also appeared in Zeitgeist, refusing to give M any money.
  • McDuck is, of course, Scrooge McDuck. This is a tax write-off for him.
  • Brachiosaur is… wait, who is Brachiosaur? You’ll have to read this story by fellow Fictospherean Randall Malus to find out.

If your favorite wealth-monger was not included, then I hate them forever. Or I couldn’t think of any that were non-evil, and the evil ones probably have their own way of doing things.